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5 Bath Soaps to Soothe and Soften Dry Skin

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Dry skin problem is common in most of the people.

The stratum corenum is the outermost layer of epidermis and epidermis is the outermost layer of skin. When its water content becomes low, then ,this layer shrinks in volume. As it shrinks the skin tightens resulting in cracks producing that flaky or scaly appearance which we recognize as dry skin.

skincare lady bathing with bath soap

The following soaps are found to be useful to maintain skin water balance and moisture content of skin. Try using these bath soaps for effective skin softening.

Himalaya Honey & Cream soap

Honey is an excellent source of Humectant. Humectants are the substances that help in preserving the natural moisture levels of your skin. Dry skin lacks moisture, and honey is an excellent humectant that seals moisture in your skin and makes it soft and supple.

The presence of milk cream helps remove dead skin cells, makes skin look younger, and improves skin texture.

Dove Moisturizing soap

Dove moisturizer soap contains 1/4th moisturizing cream and thus enhances your skin's natural capacity of oil production and to retain moisture and does not contain harsh ingredients. You can use it to cleanse your face and body and get soft and smooth skin for the rest of the day.

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Medimix Transparent Glycerin soap

The glycerin content soap has various benefits for skin and they are:

  • Promotes the skin barrier

  • Moisturizes the epidermis

  • Speeds up the wound healing process

  • Protects skin from irritants

  • Offers an antimicrobial effect

  • Improves skin in conditions such as atopic dermatitis

Medimix transparent glycerin bath soap
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Lux jasmine & vitamin E soap

Jasmine is known to have soothing properties that can help comfort irritated, itchy, and dry skin without causing unwanted breakouts. It's natural scent and completely natural formula will help bring a plant-based remedy to any skin condition you might be experiencing.

The antioxidants in vitamin E also prevents skin inflammation. Even more, vitamin E helps seal up the cracks caused by dryness. So E is great for prevention and restoration.

Pears pure & gentle soap

Pears is a gentle way to keep your skin looking innocent and beautiful. It is enriched with pure glycerin and natural oils that gently moisturize the skin to keep it smooth while its mild fragrance and soft lather ensure that your skin gets the pampering it deserves. Dermatologist tested soap

with enriched Glycerin & Natural Oils.


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